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Крупа кукурузная мелкая Экстра
  • Крупа кукурузная мелкая Экстра
  • Крупа кукурузная мелкая Экстра

Крупа кукурузная мелкая Экстра

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Brand:ФГ Україна
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Small CORN GRITS "EXTRA" still is called "a corn semolina". This grain is ideal for preparation of corn porridges and other dishes. From corn grits "EXTRA" such national dishes as a hominy, banush, polenta, Goma, kachamak and others prepare. Thanks to small and flat fraction, special "krupyany" grades of corn and the unique production technology - preparation of dishes from corn grits "EXTRA" takes only a few minutes.


independent food product;

a component for production of baby and dietary food.


Name of an indicator


Color bright yellow with shades
Taste peculiar to corn grits
Smell peculiar to corn grits, without foreign smell
Humidity it is no more than 14% ;
Ash - content it is no more than 0,95%
Weed impurity

including mineral


0,3% ;


it is not allowed

Pass of a sieve, Ø 2 mm. 100%
Contamination wreckers no
Metallomagnetic impurity it is no more than 3 mg on 1 kg
Germ no more than 1%

Packing: Bags from polypropylene on 25 kg. , with drawing requisites on bags in the printing way or without it.

Storage: Minimum expiration date: 6 months from the date of development

Storage conditions: At observance of sanitary and hygienic norms in the dry pure, well aired, not infected with wreckers warehouse at a temperature which does not exceed 25 °C, and relative humidity of air is no more than 75 has some.

Food tsennost: 100g a product contains: proteins - 8,3 grams, fats - 1,2 grams, carbohydrates - 72 grams.

The power value of 100 g of a product - 330 kcal (1458 kJ)

UKTVED - 1103131000 code.

The system of management of safety of food products of ISO 22000 is introduced and is applied: 2005

Brand:ФГ Україна
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: 40 kg
Best before: 6 months
Information is up-to-date: 11.11.2020
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