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Feed and feed additives

Corn groat for chickens, hens
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FH "Ukraine" offers corn groat with the maintenance of germ (to 65%). Perfectly is suitable for forage of bird, chickens. Packing on 20 kg in bag. Minimum lot from 1 t.
Group: Grain forage
Kormosmes for animals
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FH "Ukraine" offers environmentally friendly kormosmes for animals. Mix is rich in protein, fat, cellulose and keep all useful substances and microelements of grain crops. It can be applied as basis for preparation of compound feeds and as independent food stuff for KRS and pigs. The system of...
Group: Combined feed
Compound feed polnoratsionny
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FH "Ukraine" offers qualitative polnoratsionny compound feed for pigs weighing from 30 to 120 kg. The Dany compounding of product is applied on own economy that guarantees average daily gain of 800 g/days. When using compound feed free access of animal to water and forage rukomendutsya....
Group: Combined feed


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